Safflower oil for skin

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Safflower oil for skin
Safflower oil for skin

Safflower oil is blessed with many ingredients and components which are suited to skin and hair. It is a type of vegetable oil which is also a popular choice in culinary art. Safflower oil though belongs to the family of sunflower oil and has all the derived benefits, but for skin and hair care, the advantages of safflower oil extend a bit more.

Since old ages, mummies have been anointed with oil. Anoint, which means to massage with oil, was done with so much perfection and with such a mixture of ingredients, that even today, the mummies are preserved. Early kings and queens too, were very fond of body care through oil treatments.

What does our skin want?

Our skin is the outermost layer of our body. It not only protects us from heat, cold and pain, but is also the mirror of our appearance. Everything is reflected from skin type. Normally, all of us have heard millions of times that glowing skin requires proper diet with all the essential nutrients in desired quantities.

Water content in the body is also an indispensable factor in maintaining the charm of the skin. However, in today's environment, where food items lack the important minerals, some sort of outer care and externally applicable compounds becomes imperative.

What do externally applied compounds do?

Our skin is a type of semi-permeable membrane and it has pores to allow oil and other related items to pass through. When our skin lacks the required minerals and moisturisation, the oils and cosmetics provide that missing factor by means of lipids and specially contained fluids to retain the beauty of the skin.

Not necessarily, oils have to be applied in the pure form. They are also available in a wide range of cosmetics with heart-throbbing fragrances and some other chemicals blended for special purposes.

The skin type

Skin care largely depends upon the type of skin a person possesses. Anointing is basically done where the skin type is a dry and a rough one. In such skin types, the pores of the skin do not get proper moisture and turn whitish due to deposition of layers of dust. Such skins have to be continuously treated with a lubricant like a lotion, cream or oil.

Oil is not to be used for oily skins as the pores already secrete extra oil from the body and application of excessive oil can result in the blockage of the pores, leading to acnes and pimples.

What is there in the safflower oil that helps skin nourish?

Safflower oil is enriched with fatty acids like linoleic acid and Vitamin E which are considered the food for healthy and glowing skin. Safflower oil replenishes the valuable components which are absent or lacking in the skin, thus making it beautiful.

How safflower oil can be used for skin care?

Safflower oil throws multiple options in front of users to use it in the way they like, and which suits their budget and situation. Like simple coconut oil, it can be applied directly to the skin. Application of a thin layer also can turn your skin radiant. In winters specially, safflower oil helps in maintaining the moisturisation and keeps it intact within the body.

Safflower oil proves to be good base oil but it is better to use other carrier oils like jojoba oil and olive oil along with it to provide extra to your skin.

Safflower oil is also used as edible cooking oil which can be included in the regular dietary menu. The difference would be that the high linoleic acid will work internally to nourish your skin. In fact, it is a much better option, as it gives you manifold benefits. You get a healthy lifestyle and minimal chances of diseases along with assured skin care.

Safflower oil is so gentle that it is used to massage infants during initial days of their birth. With aging, our skin also loses the capacity to produce sufficient linoleic acid. Hence, the skin starts losing its texture. Safflower oil is also beneficial to old people who are experiencing the same symptoms.

Safflower oil is used in making masks and packs to be applied and left on the face for a while and then washed off. It rejuvenates the skin and gives back the lost glow to it.

A few precautions

No doubt, safflower oil is a very good and an inexpensive remedy for skin care. But skin types and suitability of skin with the oils vary. One type of oil which is matching the skin type of a person may not necessarily match the skin type of another. Skin is a very sensitive and delicate part of our body.

Choose only a treatment which your skin finds suitable to, and is also non-allergic too. In any case, medical advice is desirable.

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